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EquaSonics provides high-quality, customized music production and sound design services for concept driven brands, advertising, film, and art projects. Our team of creative talents can help you bring your vision to life with unique and memorable soundscapes.

Max Reinert


Original Music / Sound Design
Always bespoke and tailor made for your project
Voice Over
Casting, recording and editing/production
AI Audio Supervision
Getting the best out of new technology with expert guidance
Sonic Branding
Navigation in sonic strategry and identity
Exhibition Audio
Sound design and audio guides
Audio & Music Post Production
Mixing in stereo, surround and atmos/spatial audio & music editing
Music & Audio Sectors
Expertise in TV, Film, Online, VR / AR /MR
Product Sound
Conception, design and implementation for product HMI / UI / UX / AVAS
Music Supervision & Licensing
Guidance in implementing and sourcing music
Radio Advertisement
Approach and production when visuals are not available
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